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Made In Britain

Made In Britain

Made In Britain  means quality, integrity and passion.

In an ever changing and demanding worldwide fashion industry where our clients have to compete not only on great products but great value where price is of paramount importance  it is our company policy to always quote them prices for garments which are  Made In Britain as a 1st option.

We believe that working with local dyeing and weaving mills and then using our skilled design team and machinists give a certain quality and community feel to our products. We can turnaround an idea into a finished product within 3 weeks giving our customers the latest seasonal trends whilst maintaining high quality.

Recently more and more of our clients are enquiring about garments Made in Britain due to the rise in labour and transport costs around the world. In an ever changing climate where seasons are unpredictable having garments made in Britain enables our clients to give the consumer the latest fashion products as and when needed leading to greater sales.