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Product Development

Product Development

Design is just one element of the process that results in a finished garment delivered to our customer; finding the right fabrics and trims and sourcing the best manufacturing facilities are equally import steps in product development.

Our garment and fabric technologists who are tasked with sourcing fabrics that ideally suit the design in terms of colour, look and performance, and that will stand up to the rigours of repeated daily wear. Buttons, braids and other trims are given the same attention to detail.

When it comes to manufacture, we find the facilities best suited to working with the materials, and the technologists in our offices oversee every step of the production and quality assurance process.

Not only do we develop clothing to sell under our own brand, we also produce own-label items for high-street and out of town retailers. Here we work closely with our customers to design and develop garments that meet their requirements and quality standards, from design Consultation to attending fitting sessions, sourcing the raw materials and delivering the finished product to store.